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Below you will find a list of requests that have been anonymously submitted. Please check back often so we may lift each other up to the Lord in prayer.

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We would like to highlight a need for  Maverick Thompson and his family as they navigate a hardship in their lives. 
The Thompson family is part of the Mt Holly Baptist Family. Maverick (age 2) is the youngest son of Travis and Jenny Thompson. Little Maverick has been diagnosed with a rare disease called myelofibrosis which affects his bone marrow. Basically, scar tissue is forming where his bone marrow should be, resulting in his body not producing enough bone marrow for him to survive long term in addition to severe pain. He will need to have a bone marrow transplant and his family needs help raising money for him and his family to help support them through this rough time.
We ask that you lift this beautiful child and his family up to the Lord in prayer. If you would like to support Maverick and the Thompson family through a financial donation you can do so by donating to his GoFundMe page by clicking the donate button below or the photo of Maverick. If you are not comfortable making online donations and still wish to make a donation. We ask that you send your love offering to the church. Please make check payable to Mt Holly Baptist Church, write “Thompson Fund” in the memo and mail to 6172 Sumerduck Rd, Remington, VA 22734.