Mt. Holly Baptist Church



Welcome to the Mt. Holly Baptist Church blog page. Make sure to check back often to keep up to date with everything going on at Mt. Holly Baptist Church as well as read posts from Pastor Travis Hoke and other members of Mt. Holly Baptist Church. 

February is the month of love, or so they say. To most I’d say that is rather obvious. When Christmas is near its end, and perhaps even before that, retail stores begin their arduous task of replacing their Santa and snowman displays with red. Read more
That’s what New Years is about or so it seems. Every year people look at the approaching new year as a time of bettering themselves. Doing something different from the previous year that is far better than previous years. That’s what resolutions are for right? Did you know that research shows... Read more
Tis’ the Season! And so, it is. Have you really taken time to think about this phrase? These three little words that are synonymous with Christmas? “Tis’ the Season! What do they mean? Read more